Posting Policy

CLASSIFIED AD POSTING POLICY a Free community network where you can post ads in your area for just about   anything. However there are certain rules to adhere to and ads that are not acceptable pon Postzoo;


Postzoo will not accept the following ads:

  • Alcohol
  • Counterfeit, replica and trademarked items
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Endangered or protected animals or animal parts
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Lottery tickets
  • Multi-level marketing, pyramid, matrix and trading schemes
  • Pornographic or Adult only product and services
  • Prescription drugs and materials
  • Software for unlocking phone , hacking or any other activity that encourages breach of laws
  • Stolen items
  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Weapons & knives



Below is a list of things to remember when posting ads on Postzoo;


  • Please do not post ads using premium rate contact/mobile numbers as the only means of contact (these ads will be automatically deleted)
  • Please ensure that ads are posted in the approriate country i.e if you advert related to pruducts & services within the U.K, your ad should be posted within  the U.K. (ads posted in wrong location will be deleted)
  • Ads that appear to be a scam or unrealistically to good to be true will not be accepted
  • Please remember that the clearer your advert is the more likely you are to recieve a rfesponse.
  • Include pictures if possible to increase your ad visibity





  • Please ensure that each job posting is an individual vacancy and specified position.
  • Do Not post Generic postings advertising multiple vacancies or employment agencies / services.
  • Please Do Not post Training opportunities in Jobs Sections (There is a training section within the site)
  • Each job posting must be written in English.
  • Agencies must clearly identify themselves
  • We do not accept postings which require candidates to send money or stamped addressed envelopes to gain further details of the positions.
  • We do not accept “commission only” jobs, "multi-level marketing (MLM)" jobs or “work from home” jobs.
  • We do not accept postings that advertise pyramid selling, or multi-level marketing schemes.
  • We do not accept postings that contain links to other websites that offer the user job posting facilities.
  • Job postings should be placed in the category which most closely relates to the actual nature of the vacancy rather than the nature of the employer or industry. If you are unsure please visit the FAQ page or post in the 'General Jobs' category.
  • We ask that all fields in the Job Posting Form be filled out correctly. EG: The “posting title” field to only contain the vacancy title and no location, contact or company details.
  • We do not accept postings that advertise for models or actors (either male or female) using generic (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc) email accounts and/or mobile phone numbers. These advertisers must include a current business email address and land line phone number and/or website.
  • We do not accept adverts for Escort/Adult industry work.


In particular please note:


  • The Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended) makes it unlawful for a person to publish or cause to be published an advertisement which indicates an intention to discriminate against others on the grounds of their race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin. The Commission for Racial Equality has the power to take legal action against an advertiser or publisher of an unlawful advertisement. Where you are uncertain, the CRE are keen to assist and can be contacted at

It is also unlawful, when advertising job vacancies, to indicate an intention to discriminate on grounds of sex, marriage or age.


Ads posted that breach the above posting rules or any ads that deemed unsuitable by the Postzoo community will be deleted. Legal action will be taken and the relevant authorities informed where we discover illegal activity.