Stay Safe

It's our hope and expectation that the majority of our users are honest and decent. In fact, we believe it. However, there are some folks out there who try to pull a fast one on some of our Postzoo Users and we want to give you the necessary tips and tools in order to guard against any of the would-be scams.

If you are buying:
• Conduct your research on whatever you intend to buy, which will in return help you discover any possible scams or fraudulent behavior about that item in general.
• Try to gather as much information as possible such as additional pictures, official records, papers or forms from the seller without revealing much information about    yourself.
• Conduct your transaction in person and in a public place. It always makes sense to bring along a friend. You must insist on seeing and examining the item up close before    buying it.
• Do not wire any money via Moneygram or Western Union to anywhere, be it nationally or internationally. Oh, and, try to stay away from any personal checks, money orders,    and cashiers checks.
• Always use common sense! Trust your instincts. If it just feels "off" or wrong, don't continue with your transaction.
• Avoid that Nigerian Prince who promises to reward you handsomely for your financial assistance.

If you are selling:
• Be honest and open when you describe your listing. Don't say "mint condition" when there is a ding on the side of it. Let the potential buyers know it has a ding.
• Try to use maps and photos to describe whatever you are selling, renting, or swapping.
• Always keep it professional by not revealing overly personal information about yourself such as your bank account, social security number, last name, home address,    home phone, etc.
• Try to deal locally and be wary of eager buyers from out of town.
• Avoid inviting any potential buyer or seller to your home and always meet with them in public places. Safety always comes first!
• Do not accept any personal checks, cashier's checks, or money orders unless you can verify them with the issuing bank before the transaction. Or, if you accompany the    buyer to the bank to actually get it. And, always get a receipt.
• Always avoid shipping any items without receiving any payments and using some unknown escrow services for the transaction.
• Accept PayPal Payments only if they are a verified member.
• Once you complete the transaction, cancel your ad and leave a feedback or a review if it is relevant.

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If you suspect any fraud or scam please flag the listing in question or email us on the Customer support section of our site. 
You may also call us to report any fraud or scams at 07939 125 251 during Monday - Friday between 09:00 am - 05:00 pm.