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Chicken Wire Mesh Made Rigid Basket

next image East industrial Zone, Anping, Hebei, China.


Chicken Wire Basket for Your Convenient Daily Life

Chicken wire can be made into vintage basket, various shapes to choose: oval, rectangle, round and other unique shapes. Cotton cover applied to protect the content be clean and safe.

These basket could used in kitchen room to hold eggs, onion, garlic, canned food, baking supplies, cleaners; used in living room for vegetables; used in garden for harvesting cherry tomatoes and peppers; used in restaurant for delivering bread and wine; used for contain collection, gifts anywhere; used as a decorative wastebasket in your office, used as a basket of flower pots which will definitely make it looks more unique.

There are nine types of chicken wire mesh made basket with white cloth or paper wrapped inside the basket.
CWB-01: Nine types of chicken wire mesh made basket.
A hand is trying to take a bulb of garlic out from the round chicken wire mesh basket.
CWB-02: Chicken wire mesh is made into a suspended round basket with garlic inside, which could be used in kitchen.
A totally chicken wire mesh made rectangle basket to contain eggs.
CWB-03: Chicken wire mesh could be manufactured into a egg container used in kitchen.
Black chicken wire basket contains yellow paper and bread.
CWB-04: Chicken wire mesh could be manufactured into basket, used as bread container in restaurant, as fruit container in living room, as vegetable and egg container in kitchen, as decoration.
A basket, which contains oranges, is placed on table.
CWB-05: Chicken wire mesh could be made into tubbish fruit container, which is placed in your living room.
A two levels chicken wire mesh made basket is placed, with fruit on the top level, bread on the lower level.
CWB-06: Chicken wire mesh is made into a two level bread and fruit container in parties.
A galvanized chicken wire basket is placed here to contain dishes.
CWB-07: Chicken wire could be a dish container.
Four bottles are paced inside a chicken wire mesh made basket.
CWB-08: Chicken wire could be a rectangle spice container.

Surface finish:

  • It could be galvanized or PVC coated.
  • Its rusty, painted finish is perfect for a vintage look.
  • It could be coated with black, white or green PVC.
  • All colours available.

Note: It is chicken wire mesh we supply, no basket.

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Posted : 1 month ago

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