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Plastic Teller Rosette Is Good at Energy Saving

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Plastic Teller Rosette with Annular Design

Plastic teller rosette is by designed Teller.A.J., an American, in 1954. It is a type of random packing in oblate shape, arranged by 12 annuluses according to their radial directions. The appearance of plastic teller rosette is similar to a spherosome which is composed by end-to-end spiral spring. Its core characteristics are large porosity, great flux, small resistance and so forth. Because of its high liquid holdup, the contact time and the contact area of the gas and the liquid in the towers are prolonged. Plastic teller rosettes in different sizes can be customized to meet customers' demands. Meanwhile, users can choose plastic teller rosettes with different materials (PP, RPP PVC, CPVC, PVDF, etc.) according to the use condition (pressure, temperature, medium, etc.) of packing towers.

This is a plastic teller rosette on the green background.
PTR-01: Plastic teller rosette looks like a spherosome, composed by end-to-end spiral spring.
There are four plastic teller rosettes in different sizes and colors.
PTR-02: Users can choose plastic teller rosettes in different materials and different dimensions.
Specification - plastic teller rosette
ModelDiameter × Height × Thickness
D × H × δ (mm)
Bulk number (m-3)Bulk density (kg/m3)Specific surface area (m2/m3)Void volume (m3/m3)
PTRS-0125 × 9 × 1.5170000901950. 82
PTRS-0247 × 19 × 3.0352001111850.88
PTRS-0351 × 9 × 3.0235001031800. 98
PTRS-0459 × 19 × 3.017500721500. 92
PTRS-0573 × 28 × 3.080008012789
PTRS-0695 × 37 × 3.03900789490
PTRS-07145 × 48 × 3.01100486595
Materials: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), reinforced polypropylene (RPP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chloridized polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).


  • Not easy to block up.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Large porosity.
  • Great flux.
  • Small resistance.
  • Light weight.


Plastic teller rosette is widely used in water treatment process, purification towers, cooling towers, scrubbing towers and many other fields.


Packed in plastic bags & carton boxes.

Posted : 1 year ago

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