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Rubber Gasket

next image Development zone in Jing county, Hengshui City, China.

Rubber gasket, as a mechanical seal that occupies the space between two smooth mating pieces, generally prevents fluid leakage from or into the joint objects when exposed to a pressure differential. It has various thicknesses, density and colours for choice. The rubber gasket (ring gasket or full faced gasket) is used in various applications such as fluid restriction, vibration dampening, noise reduction, electrical absorption, weather insulation.

There are two rubber gasket pads in the picture, one is square shape and the other is round.
RG-01: Rubber gasket pads have good sealed effect.There are two round rubber pads, with different diameters.
RG-02: Full faced flange gasket installed on the machine for buffering mechanical stress.
There are five ring rubber gaskets, they have different sizes.
RG-03: Solid ring rubber gaskets for raised face flange.There are two full faced flange gaskets displayed.
RG-04: We offer custom made rubber gaskets.
There are several kinds of rubber gaskets with different shapes.
RG-05: Rubber gaskets are usually cut from rubber sheets, and any size or shape can be achieved.There is one round rubber gasket with four holes from four directions.
RG-06: Full faced gasket has high resistance to abrasion and chemicals.
Seven solid silicone gaskets are shown to us, they have different sizes.
RG-07: Solid silicone gaskets have wide hardness and temperature range.This is an irregular silicone gasket, it has one large hole in the center, and two small hole on two sides.
RG-08: The irregular shaped silicone gasket is suitable for some special applications.
Three round rubber gaskets and one square gasket, each one has evenly distributed pores.
RG-09: Black rubber gaskets with multi-holes, custom fabrication gaskets are available.There are several silicone gaskets in rectangular shape, and each corner has one small hole.
RG-10: We offer food grade silicone gaskets.
High tensile strength.
High resistance to abrasion and thermal shocks.
Resistance to oil, acid and alkali.
UV and ozone resistance.
Extreme temperature resistance.
Compact structure for convenient dismounting.
Small friction resistance.
Small order is accepted.
Standard material: natural rubber, silicone, neoprene, viton, nitrile, SBR, EPDM.
Color: black, red.
Size: customization.
Rubber gasket serves for the industries of chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, acid production, pesticide, chemical fiber, organic synthesis, food and drink, etc.

It applies to the joint sealing parts of devices such as pipeline, valve, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, condenser, electric generator, air compressor, etc.
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Posted : 1 year ago

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