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Rubber Stopper

next image Development zone in Jing county, Hengshui City, China.

Rubber stopper is also called rubber plug. Stoppers are generally made from natural rubber for durability and flexibility, but some are made of synthetic rubber for added resistance to chemicals such as reagents or solvents that would damage rubber. Rubber plugs come in various shapes and sizes to meet different operation requirements. They provide tight seal that helps prevent spills and evaporation. Some rubber plugs with one or two holes allow glass tubing to be inserted into the container through the plug. All the rubber stoppers are made to order.

One seal plug made from rubber, with tapered end.
RS-01: Rubber seal plug is used to seal the ends of tubes and the tapered end ensures a snug fit.This is one rubber plug with one hole in the center, and there is threaded body.
RS-02: Molded rubber plug is popularly used in auto spare parts, medical and many other applications.
Four rubber sealing plugs are displayed, one head is flat and the other is tapered with one hole.
RS-03: Rubber sealing plug works as metal tubes stopperSix black rubber sealing stoppers are orderly placed.
RS-04: Six rubber sealing stoppers in cylinder shape.
Five gray rubber plugs are displayed in the picture.
RS-05: Dark gray rubber plugs.There are thirteen black rubber stoppers displayed.
RS-06: Black rubber plugs.
Several white rubber stoppers are scattered on one table, they have the same size.
RS-07: Rubber stoppers for accessories of printers.Many rubber plugs are scattered in the picture, they have the same size.
RS-08: Rubber hollow plugs for ink cartridge.
Five excessive penetration stoppers with same sizes are displayed.
RS-09: Excessive penetration stoppers for medical bottles.Five septum stoppers with the color of white and red.
RS-10: Sleeve type septum stoppers with a hollow plug and sleeve extension.
There are several butyl rubber stoppers displayed on a table.
RS-11: Butyl rubber stopper for medical use.Many rubber stoppers are displayed in the picture, some are solid, some have one or two holes.
RS-12: Tapered rubber stoppers, some have one or two holes.
There are several semi-transparent stoppers for earrings, and one bag of stoppers is displayed.
RS-13: Semi-transparent rubber stoppers for earrings and transparent bag packaging for easy transportation.
Excellent thermal conductivity.
Good insulating properties.
Flame, ozone and oxygen resistant.
High elongation.
High tensile strength.
Excellent resistance to weathering and high temperature resistance.
Material: butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, natural rubber, chloroprene rubber, hydrogenated butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber.
Colour: black, white, transparent color, red, gray, blue, etc.
Withstand voltage: 4.0 kV - 10 kV.
Temperature range: -60 °C to +316 °C.
Hardness: 30-80 Shore A.
Ductility: 300%.
Rubber plug is widely used in the industries of medicine, daily necessities, food, cosmetics, mining, chemical engineering, etc. It is used for all kinds of glass bottles, pipes, mechanical engineering.
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Posted : 1 year ago

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